NHUHSD Policies, Regulations & Bylaws

2000 Administration

0 Concepts and Roles in Philosophy, Goals and Objectives 2000
     A. Goals and Objectives no policy
1 Superintendent no policy
     A. Superintendent Responsibilities and Duties 2110
          1. Superintendent Governance Standards 2111
     B. Superintendent Recruitment and Selection 2120
          1. Superintendent’s Contract 2121
     C. Evaluation of the Superintendent 2140
2 Administrative Operations no policy
     A. Administrative Leeway in Absence of Governing Board Policy 2210
     B. Organization Chart/Lines of Responsibility 2220AR
     C. Representative and Deliberative Groups 2230
     D. Management and Communication Systems no policy
     E. Teacher-in-Charge/Principal’s Designee no policy
3 Job Descriptions no policy
     A. Assistant Superintendent for Business no policy
     B. Principal 2262
     C. Assistant Principal 2263
     D. Dean of Students 2264