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2019-20 School Calendar

2018 19 School Calendar

Annual Parental Notice 2018 19:  Updated 6/27/18

Wellness Policy:
Parents interested in participating in the review of the District’s Wellness Plan can contact their site principal.  (BP 5030) and (AR 5030)

Inter/Intra District Forms:
Out-of-District (InterDistrict) Agreements are for students who are currently residing outside of the school district that they would like to attend. Parent/Guardian: Complete applicable steps on page 1 and 2 shaded in gray and then submit it to your District of Residence (DOR).  If it is approved, it will be forwarded to the District of Proposed Enrollment (DPE).  Only new requests submitted between December 1st and February 1st are assured of approval by the DOR, subject to reasonable enrollment activities. (See the DOR district office for exceptions and for information on reasonable enrollment activities). If both districts approve, and you agree to any additional terms and conditions required by the district(s), you may enroll your student in the DPE.
Interdistrict Application for 2019-20 Updated: 11/1/18
Interdistrict Application for 2018-19

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding the Interdistrict Transfer Process

IntraDistrict Agreements are for students residing in the Northern Humboldt High School District but are requesting attendance at one of our other high schools. Once approved your student will automatically be enrolled at the school they have requested for the next school year.
IntraDistrict Form Updated: 1/16/19

Volunteer Information
Volunteer form Updated: 6/26/18
Volunteer Information  Updated: 2/3/15

Student Registration Forms
Student Registration Form Updated: 01/15/19
Student Registration Form Spanish Updated: 01/16/19

Purchase Order Terms
PurchaseOrderTerms   Updated 6/30/14

Other Information
Athletic Handbook 2018 19 Updated: 6/26/18
Bullying Complaint Procedure Brochure Updated: 7/24/18
Caregiver Authorization Affidavit  Updated: 10/01/13
Complaint Procedure Brochure Updated: 7/24/18
Extended School Year for Students with Disabilities  Updated: 5/19/11
Integrated Pest Management Plan Updated: 9/1/15
Whooping Cough Vaccine Requirement  Updated: 7/06/11
Williams Complaint Procedure and Form Updated: 10/20/14

AB 2040:
For information about AB 2040, State Controllers Government Compensation (Click Here)